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We are upgrading your Digital Experience

Our customers’ input on what they want is near-unanimous, so today, we are proud to announce Royal Crest Dairy’s upcoming enhanced digital storefront! Royal Crest Dairy has supported Coloradoans for generations, and we’ve been supported in return by customers like you. Until recently, the ability to quickly connect with a customer support specialist was considered the best of the best when it came to service, but we realize that’s changing.

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Your online account is improving! Manage your service through our website on desktop and mobile for everything, from payment updates to orders. Here’s what this new digital dashboard means for you:

  • Update your regular order and choose frequency
  • Automatic bill pay with Credit Card and ACH
  • Gift Service to a loved one
  • Referral codes and coupon codes available

FAQs & Tutorials

To update or change your payment method, simply login to your account. Once you are logged in, click on “My Account.” That will bring you to the “Account Info” page. Scroll down to “Payment Information” at the bottom of the page.

You can update your Credit Card info here or choose to pay by E-check, in which case, you will need your bank account and routing number.

Browse by category or search for products by using the magnifying glass icon and typing in what you’re looking for.

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To add products to your recurring weekly order, login to your account, and simply go to the product that you want to add, choose your quantity, and under frequency, choose every week. Then hit “+Add to Delivery” This will prompt you to choose the date to start delivering the recurring item. Once you hit “Okay,” it will update your recurring order. You can also choose just this week, every other week or once per month if you prefer to receive recurring products less frequently.

Choose “My Delivery” to see your upcoming orders for the next month. Here, you can also hit the “x” next to a product, which will prompt you to either remove the recurring product for the week or permanently.

You can also go to “My Account” and then choose “Recurring Items” to see a summary of your recurring order. You can remove products or update quantities here. If you want to add products, just hit “Shop products”, which will take you back to the product catalog.

Whether you order months in advance or the night before, you can modify your order by 7pm the night before delivery.

To edit your order, login to your account, and go to the product you would like to add, and choose your quantity and frequency, whether you want it just once, or you want to make it a recurring product. You can specify which date of the month you would like delivered certain products. To see a summary of products for your next order, click “My Delivery.” This also allows you to edit your upcoming deliveries for the next month, whether you want to add quantities or delete products on certain dates. Deleting all products on a certain date will skip your delivery that week.

You can also go to “My Account” and choose “Upcoming Deliveries.” Here you can see a summary of your orders for the next month as well. You can choose to skip a week’s delivery here as well. It will ask if you want to delete from this week’s order or future orders as well.

Furthermore, you can also set a vacation hold by going to “My Account” and then choosing “Delivery Hold.” Simply select your start and end dates and we will suspend your service for that time. You will also receive an email confirming the hold as well.

To update your email and text preferences, begin by logging in to your account. Once logged in, hit “My Account” in the top right hand corner and choose Preferences. From there, you can opt in to our newsletter, and set the timing for all other notifications. For example, you would select “2 days before” to get account notifications 2 days before your delivery. At the bottom of the page, you can also opt in to Text/SMS notifications, in which case we will text you with any relevant updates to your delivery.

Notifications you can adjust:
  • Weather warnings and delays
  • Order reminders
  • Delivery reminders

You can now send gift cards to your friends and family for Royal Crest Dairy. When you are on our website, you’ll just hit the “Gift” tab. There, you will enter the information of the purchaser and the recipient. You’ll need to enter the address of the recipient as well so we can verify the gift card can be used in our delivery area. You can add a message, which the recipient will see in the email sent to them. Finally, enter your amount to give and hit “Send Gift Certificate.” You will receive an email confirmation as well.

To refer your friends and family to Royal Crest, go to “My Account” and choose “Referrals” This gives you a referral link that you can share with your circle. You can also choose to share on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll track your approved signups and clicks here. When your referral signs up for service, there is an option to include the name of the person that referred them. They should put your info in there as well.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to chat with us on our website or call us at 303-777-3055. Customer Service Hours are M-F 6:30am - 6:30pm and Saturday 9:30a - 5pm. We have extended Customer Service hours to accommodate any needs during this time! We appreciate your patience and support!